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Atlas login page taking time to load(Specifically for the first time)

Hi Team,

We have configured LDAP and DB authentication in our OHDSI Atlas.
Whenever we try to access Atlas it takes time(3 to 4mins) to load(Specifically for the first time when we try to load).
We are accessing this under VPN in different regions.

Is there any specific configuration we need to do in our Docker-compose or any other files?
We are using Broadsea 3.0 in our environment
Versions of Atlas and WebAPI
Atlas: v2.13.0
WebAPI: v2.13.0

We can also share the docker-compose or other contents and logs for your reference if needed
Please help us to resolve this issue!


Hello, Everyone.
I’m not exactly sure if this is the best thread to post this, but, as someone new to ATLAS, I’m taking some courses on the EHDEN Academy. Some of these require me to run code in an SQL environment, in order to finish the courses, but my ATLAS platform isn’t allowing me the space to do so.
Is there some help you can provide, please? A way I need to sign in? @Chris_Knoll @Christian_Reich
With high regards and deep appreciation,

For both @pradeepvuduthala and @LFasehun:

Can you please share the console output? You can do this by right mouse clicking in the app, hitting Inspect, and then going to the Console tab.