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Atlas - Issue with Characterization display


(Selva Muthu Kumaran Sathappan) #1

Hello Everyone,

We have a cohort generated which has 1209 patients in it after meeting primary and inclusion criteria. So I believe all 1209 will have some index date information.

However, when I run a characyerization with “Demographics Index Year”, it only shows count of 42 (13 * 4). But I don’t see the index info for rest of the patients. Can I know what is the issue? The numbers don’t tally for both the features shown in screenshot below (index year and age group). Please note that Index year doesn’t have “Next” button enabled indicating these (4 records * 13 = 42) are the only records. Whereas Age group (allows me to navigate to next page) and is off by 5 records? Can I know what is the issue?

Am I interpreting this incorrectly? or is it becase has set of preset index year values and if ours don’t match, it doesn’t display?

Randomized data - Atlas Cohort Generation