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Atlas is not reflecting with the External DB (PostgreSql)

I am Using Broadsea . here I have the external Database PostgreSql. where I have made all the CDM and WebAPI Configuration correctly. But in Atlas the Data source is not reflecting.
I am having the Webapi schema in the Broadsea . my external database consists of the CDM Schema,Vocabulary Schema, Results Schema.
While setting the Configuration i am not facing any error. But the Data source isn’t available in the Atlas.
I would Appreciate your Support for my issue .

Adding CDMs to Atlas isn’t handled in Broadsea, so this may be why you’re not seeing them there. You’ll need to add CDMs using either the Atlas Configuration GUI (if you’ve enabled security), or by following the steps here:

Thank you @Ajit_Londhe . will follow the steps and Update you the Progress.

Hi @Ajit_Londhe @anthonysena
I am writing to seek your assistance with the reflection of an external database in the Atlas. Our current setup involves having the CDM database and R Studio on separate servers. We are utilizing Broadsea for this purpose which is in another server. Despite following each and every step outlined in the updated CDM configuration document, we have been unable to achieve the desired outcome.

Furthermore, we have thoroughly checked the web API configuration and verified that our database and configurations are visible there. We are at a loss as to why the reflection process is not yielding any significant changes or progress. In an effort to provide you with a clear understanding of our current setup, I have attached a snapshot of the Atlas and the web API configuration for your reference.

Given the circumstances, we kindly request your expertise in identifying any potential issues or misconfigurations that may be hindering the reflection process. We have exhausted our available resources and are hopeful that your insights and guidance will help us overcome this challenge.

Can you please confirm which version of Atlas and WebAPI you have installed?

If it is version 2.13.0, then it’s possible that a ‘no data’ result was cached into the WebAPI database in the webapi.achilles_cache table. I believe there is a hotfix for this behavior, but hasn’t been released yet. In any case, can you do the following:

  1. Truncate webapi.achilles_cache.
  2. Refresh the report page

If that fails, you should check your logs, it may be possible that there’s a failure when fetching report data from your CDM results and that’s resulting in a cache failure. The other thing to investigate is that there is a data condition in your CDM that is causing zero people to be identified (ie: no one has a birth year).