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Atlas Incidence Rate analysis not finishing on web interface

I have been trying to launch some basic IR and for some reason process seems to stay on “Running” stage.

Weird thing is that if I look at the WebAPI log it seems that the process finished (and quite fast)

2022-05-26 11:49:07.473 INFO taskExecutor-9 org.springframework.batch.core.job.SimpleStepHandler - - Executing step: [irAnalysis.generate]
2022-05-26 11:49:09.693 INFO taskExecutor-9 org.springframework.batch.core.launch.support.SimpleJobLauncher - - Job: [SimpleJob: [name=irAnalysis]] completed with the following parameters: [{jobName=IR Analysis: 2: VdH OMOP (VdH_OMOP), analysis_id=2, source_id=2, sessionId=ta87z453, target_table=temp_cohort_ta87z453, time=1653558542598, jobAuthor=anonymous}] and the following status: [COMPLETED]

I’m not seeing any error in the logs. I generated all the cohorts prior to the IR launch (as suggested in other threads) but got the same behavior regardless

Any pointers?

Could be a race condition that the job finished so quickly that the way the polling was performed ‘missed’ the completion notification. We’d have to look to see if such a race condition can occurr, but if you close and re-open the IR analysis (or even refresh the browser) does it still look like it is waiting? If so, then there may be a deeper problem where the job subsystem is failing in a way that isn’t reporting jobs as completed. There’s too many variables, but for starters if you could confirm refreshing your browser or restarting your webapi service, to see what happens. Note: restarting your web browser will clear any non-completed job, so restarting webAPI should fix the status, but at the same time, could reset the job status in a way that we may have to reproduce the issue again in order to do further debugging.

Closing and reopening does show the launched report, but clicking the “Reports” button throws an error
While that is being shown, in console says it is trying to get the IR analysis from webapi and getting a 404

A 404 is a ‘resource not found’ error, Can you please paste the entire URL that is resulting in that 404? I may also ask you to run queries on your webAPI database in order to verify that data exists for the analysis generation.

Please provide the following:
Version of WebAPI
Version of Atlas

Url is host/WebAPI/ir//report/VdH_OMOP?targetId=17&outcomeId=18

The versions are the ones visible on the Home page, right?

Yes, make sure that you have the same version of Atlas and WebAPI.

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