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Atlas - Error Loading Report


I believed I have installed WebAPI and Atlas correctly, but am seeing issues with displaying Atlas populating the Dashboard and other reports:

Specifically, I am seeing the message: “Error Loading Report” for every category in the Data Sources section, and there is the Synpuf data imported.

I have made sure to create the results schema by running the query from “/WebAPI/ddl/results” endpoint. I did replace the schema names with what is appropriate in my database. That ran successfully.

I see that search appears to be working:

You can access my environment here: https://yvonne-dev-omop-appservice.azurewebsites.net/atlas since it’s public.

Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks!

Can I get some kind of update on this? Please?

are you still having the same issue? I had the same issue and after quite some work, I got it to work so my experience might be helpful to you.

So now you ran the /webapi/ddl/result/… thing. now, did you follow these steps yet?

Yes, it turns out that I need to run Achilles, but for now I’m running into another problem. Will post an update once I get through this. Thanks!

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good luck and hope everything goes smoothly!

When running Achilles, be sure to include the optimizeAtlasCache parameter as true.

I can not find any optimizeAtlasCache parameter for Achilles in your guide.

Can you add this as a Git issue? I’m not the maintainer of the repo any more, but @Frank and @AnthonyMolinaro can weigh in on having the param in the vignette.