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Atlas-demo.ohdsi.org performance issues


(Thomas White, MD, MS, MA, CHIE) #1

The public atlas-demo.ohdsi.org site has had worsening performance since the OHDSI symposium. During the symposium, searches and listings of hierarchies and dependencies took a few seconds each. For the past several weeks, the same searches (e.g. for CHF) are taking longer and longer – most recently failing to return results after several minutes.

Can the performance of the site be addressed?

The poor performance risks impeding efforts to advocate for broader adoption of the ODHSI stack. I’d like to ensure that demos to potential stakeholders show how Atlas typically performs when locally installed and properly sized (rather than how the demo site is performing recently).

For some organizations, use of OHDSI-in-a-Box is a viable work-around to this issue, but for others, corporate firewalls prevent that approach and necessitate relying upon the performance of the atlas-demo.ohdsi.org site for internal demos.

(Lee Evans) #2

@tom.white.md The atlas-demo.ohdsi.org database was upgraded last night. The search response times are dependent on the number of results returned but the typical search response time is now around 8 seconds.