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Atlas data source issue


I have some issue loading my data with Atlas. For example, I can’t find anything in the Vocabulary research as if the connection with the database was not made.

However, when I try to make a vocabulary search directly using the WebAPI, it works.
(eg: http://localhost:8080/WebAPI/vocabulary/search/aspirin returns good results)

When I look in the configuration tab of Atlas, I have this:

But these data are old ones I created at the beginning and they are deleted from my source and source_daimon tables.

Here, the content of my source table:

And my source_daimon table:

I already reinstalled Atlas and WebAPI without any success…

Thanks for your help,

There is a client-side caching at play here, which, if I recall correctly, requires a console command to clear lit.

@Ajit_Londhe, @anthonysena, @Frank do you know what that command was? I can’t locate it.


If that resolves your issue, then here is what was happening:

ATLAS currently caches the source information locally for 24 hours so that it doesn’t have to reload it at every initialization from the WebAPI. I believe this was an issue out there to turn this into a hash check of some sort to see if the sources had changed on the server before requesting all the information and only doing so if the cached hash had updated, but that hasn’t been implemented yet.

It works perfectly now.
Thanks a lot for the fast answer and the explanation !

Hi Erwanlc,

May I where you have run the localStorage.clear(); command?

I am also having same issue.

In your browser, you open up the console (chrome: ctrl-shift-i).

Switch over to the ‘console’ tab and execute the command: localStorage.clear(); by just typing that command in the console and hitting enter. You are executing a command of javascript to clear local storage.

Ok @Chris_Knoll , I will try