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Atlas Custom CDM Table Data Access Issue

I have created the custom CDM schema using our data and configured the same into the Atlas data source. It properly displays the custom CDM Datasource in the Atlas Datasource page without any issue. But when I went to the profile section of the Atlas and try to query the data using the person id than in the response it says “can’t find the person id” but the person table has the data with the given person id.

I have already set up a result schema with all the required tables. Also, I have run the Achillies analysis on the given custom CDM data to characterize it.

If somebody helps me resolve the issue then it will be great.
@Chris_Knoll @Ajit_Londhe @gregk

Check your logs, by default they are pretty verbose, and I think you can check what database is being connected to, and which query is being executed. The query might give you a hint as to what is happening.

So I am using ohdsionaws setup and using redshift db.In that I have created an new schema for my custom cdm data but custom cdm data is not accessible through atlas because I have added record in person table and try to access these record using the person ID from profile section of the atlas but in atlas as well as in the logs it is saying person I’d not found.

I have other cdm schema which come along with ohdsionaws set up and they are working fine without any issue. There person table data can access through profile section of atlas.

Since both schema coming from same redshirt db so wondering why one is working others not.
In the logs it is not giving any details about the issue at all.

Any idea what could be the issue ??