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Atlas Configuration - Import New Data Resource from Local Postgres DB to ATLAS Dashboard

I’m seeking guidance on
—> the procedure for configuring the addition of a new data source to the ATLAS dashboard. At present, we have the OHDSI Eunomia Database in operation.

Recently, we successfully ran the ETL-UK-Biobank process on our local Postgres server, which now allows us to access the ETL-UK Biobank data locally. Our next goal is to seamlessly integrate this data into the ATLAS dashboard.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on whether implementing security measures like enabling basic authentication is necessary for the import of new data sources. Additionally, I’m curious if there exists a user-friendly method to directly incorporate new data sources into the ATLAS dashboard through the interface.

While perusing the OHDSI Forum, I came across a reference to a “New Source” button located within the Configuration tab. However, it appears to be unavailable in the default setting of the Broadsea application.

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Hi @Gayan_Samuditha - you would need to enable authentication in WebAPI and Atlas in order to get the source management options in the Configuration.

Please refer to https://github.com/OHDSI/Broadsea#atlaswebapi-security.