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ATLAS Concept Set error -> ROLE

Hi there,
I have installed ATLAS and when I try to create a cohort and save it it says I can’t do it because of the role, however I have master administrator. The IT team has reinstalled WebApi and ATLAS, and the same problem persists.
The OMOP Database is Oracle and Atlas in Postgress. We have even installed an older version of ATLAS 2.10.1

Has anyone had the same error and could tell me how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

From your error message, i don’t see where you are seeing that it’s due to a role.

If you check your webapi logs, you should be able to find an exception indicating what the error is.


I have attached the logs, with the error, and screenshot of the database.

logRole.txt (33.8 KB)

Please if you have any ideas on how to fix this, we would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards!

Hi Chris,

We have been checking the logs, and we are not able to identify the problem.
Could you help us, please?

I don’t have an ideas, but I traced through the code and located where the exception was raised, and it has to do with something called a ‘preInsert event’.

Here’s the function that is doing it:

But the code is a little obfuscated in that it’s written to be rather generic so I’m not sure what the inputs are (I’m assuming it is a ConceptSet entity).

I will request that the Odysseus team take a look at this thread and provide thoughts.

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Admin role has permissions to edit application configuration. But it does not give access to regular ATLAS features. You should grant “Atlas users” role to be able to work with analysis.

Also check your configuration of “Atlas users” role permissions. Maybe something was corrupted.

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Thank you, I will try it :slight_smile: