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ATLAS Cohort Build Fail

javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.id.IdentifierGenerationException: integral holder was not initialized

Does anyone know why this error might occur? Is it a permissions issue?

So, I’m not exactly sure, but, in the database, there’s these things called sequences which maintain the auto-numbering of the identifiers for all the cohort definitions. They are named something like cohort_definition_seq. It looks like that as the new cohort generation was being saved, the value of the next value from the sequence may have failed to fetch. Reasons? The sequence didn’t exist, or the account accessing the sequence did not have permissions to fetch the next value.

There is probably a deeper exception in the logs that would tell you that info (ie: permission denied vs. sequence does not exist). Could be some other third problem, not sure. But also would help to know what database platform this is being hosted on.

@Chris_Knoll - got some more information on this issue.

DB = MS SQL Server

“I checked the existence of the sequence “cohort_definition_sequence”: it exists and the user ohdsi_app_user has permissions to modify it (no problems with “select (NEXT VALUE FOR dbo.cohort_definition_sequence)”: it increments by 1).
I didn’t find any log file for cohort generation. Do you know where I can look for it?”

Depends on how it’s hosted: if it’s on Tomcat on Windows, there’s a /log folder in the installation directory of Apache Tomcat. If it’s hosted some other way, let me know what that is and I can see if I can find out where logs would be saved.