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Atlas bug - Cohort pathways - Event name missing in LEGEND?


(Selva) #1


I was trying to generate cohort pathways and it resulted in a below sunburst plot.

However, one thing I noticed was that the kind of green color (highlighted with red arrow) event is missing in the legend section

So, when I click the corresponding event (1st line treatment), I only see metformin but we don’t know what is the other drug that is used with metformin

May I know what can cause this sort of error? Is it because I have too many event cohorts?

Or am I making any mistake in interpreting this plot?

(Chris Knoll) #2

Can you confirm the version you are using? There was an issue where event cohorts that only appear as part of a combo were not being displayed, but this should have been fixed here. This should have been fixed in the 2.8 release.

(Selva) #3

@Chris_Knoll - I use version 2.7.3. Understand a bit old version

(Chris Knoll) #4

Yes, try to install 2.8 and run it again, you should get the labels correctly.