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ATLAS - Broadsea Installation, error with `source_source_daimon.sql`

Hello, OHDSI Community! Here’s a question from one of our tech team:

@krfeeney – Anyone else we should tag?

Thanks! – Karen

Hi @lee_evans

Thanks for all your work on this! I’m actually getting an error with source_source_daimon.sql as well.

In particular, I’m able to launch the containers using docker-compose up -d , and they seem to start up and shut down gracefully (i.e., exit code zero, and no obvious errors in logs). But then when I try to run source_source_daimon.sql using the psql client, it seems that the source and source_daimon tables have not been created.

Do you have any idea what might be my issue(s)? Is there something I can check to see why the flyway migration failed to create the tables? Again, thank you so much, Lee!!