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Atlas - Adding date range logic

Hello -

I am trying to create a new cohort definition that has multiple criteria with specific date range logic. I have noticed that the date range in each additional criteria will refer to the initial event’s start date, called the ‘index start date’. The index start date can toggle to an ‘index end date’ option, which refers to the initial event’s end date. (Image below for reference.)

However, is there a way to set the index start date to refer to another criteria’s start date? In other words, is there a way to add criteria with a date range that refers to another criteria instead of the initial event?

For example, is it possible to apply the following logic?

  • initial event - a procedure occurrence
  • additional criteria 1 - a condition diagnosis 10 days after the initial event
  • additional criteria 2 - a drug exposure 10 days after the condition diagnosis

Thank you.

This is a cross post from here: Atlas - Adding date range logic

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Sorry thank you for clarifying!