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Atlas 2.8.0 - did we lose ability to select all concepts?

(Ajit Londhe) #1

Hi all,

In Atlas 2.7, we could select all concepts in the search results using the shopping cart at the top of the datatable:


Now there’s no such option in 2.8.0/2.8.1:


Can we restore this?

@Chris_Knoll @anthonysena


(Ajit Londhe) #2

Bumping this. @Chris_Knoll, @anthonysena mentioned this was removed due to inconsistent behavior with the change from shopping carts to checkboxes. Can you expand upon this? Our users would like to have this feature back, so I’d like to see if I can make a PR to address it.

(Chris Knoll) #3

The mechanics around the checkboxes vs. shopping carts may have caused that feature to be dropped, and if you’d like to submit a PR for it, that would be fine with me.

I usually caution people from using a ‘select all’ function when dealing with concept sets because people should be thinking about constructing concept sets using ancestor relationships and the vocabulary, and not so much by searching for ‘cancer’ and then ‘select all’ (considering things like that show up as malignant neoplasm).

But if it is a useful function, then go ahead with a PR.