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Athenahealth mapping

Hi, Does anyone ever mapped Athenahealth EHR to OMOP?
is there any documentation for EHR mappings?

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Hi, I have not mapped athenahealth’s EHR to OMOP, but I would love to contribute if this project does get started. What kind of data are you able to get from athenahealth? I have a lot of experience with athenahealth and would be able to offer documentation and details.

Thanks, Will

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Hello- I am also a user of this channel. Can we connect in email or LinkedIn as I have a question for you? Jyotsna@kevahealth.com

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Hi all - I’m not sure if this thread is still relevant, but I would be interested in learning more about how athenahealth users would want to implement the OMOP CDM and if there’s an opportunity to connect about this more. I am actually currently with athenahealth but have experience w/ the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inst. in exploring the use of OMOP tools in addition to the FDAs Sentinel and PCORnet CDMs and a strong interest in data management and governance related to leveraging OMOP with athenahealth data