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Athena Search Issue

(Shinjinaka) #1

Hi, when I type “Cefoxitin 50 MG/ml Injection” in search bar with filter “RxNorm”, “Standard”, and “Clinical Drug”, I see 33237 items with weird result, “acyclovir 50 MG/ML injection”, and so on.
Is this due to the recent update " Concept search improvement #60"?

(Gregory Klebanov) #2

@shinjinaka - thank you for reporting this issue. Let us investigate the issue and get back to you on this soon.

You are very likely correct that this is due to the latest update. One thing that I am thinking is that we should definitely do differently testing next time and invite the community for beta release “crowd testing”

(Shinjinaka) #3

Quick update. adding some quotation to certain keyword will work similar to what we had.
“Cefoxitin” 50 “MG/ml” Injection, I don’t see anything weird result.
It seems like numerical value doesn’t matter whether we put quotation or not. This update only works for text.
With a quotation, each search term works as “and”.
Without a quotation, each search term works as “or”.
Can anyone confirm?

(Yaroslav) #4

@shinjinaka Hello, It looks like OR/AND logic, but it works slightly different, In a nutshell:
By default, every word in the search is optional. Moreover, this is not exact search, the search tries to find the closest meaning of the word( let’s say you entered “csfoxitin” by mistake, the search still finds “cefoxitin”)

As soon as you put quotation marks, the word must be present and the match must be exact.

I checked numerical value and quotations, and it looks fine:
"Cefoxitin" “2000” "Injection"

"Cefoxitin" “1000” "Injection"
Can you provide more details?

(Yaroslav) #5

@shinjinaka you can find a description of the new search rules on the toolbox by clicking the question mark next to the search