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Athena - Login Error

Continuing the discussion from Erro login do ATHENA:

A lot of brazilian users are reporting error when trying to log in Athena
I tried to log in and also had the following error:

Does anyone know what is happening?

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I saw that you worked on OHDSI/Athena GitHub
Do you have any information about this error?


@carlosalcampos, I registered for Athena access yesterday and seeing the same error, unable to login. Have you been able to find a resolution? Thanks!

I do not think it’s correct place to post the issues with applocation.

Please use (?) button in ATHENA.

There are links where you can request help. You can open a new ticket if the problem still happens for you.

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Thanks for the guidance, @Konstantin_Yaroshove !
I tried right now and the problem was solved!

Next time I will use the “Report application issue”


Hi all,

I think I have similar issue in ATHENA.

I already did login, but id → Anonymous, not my id,
and there is no contents.
Please let me know how it sovles.

Thank you.