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Athena licenses and terms of usage


I am interested in using the source (SNOMED and ICD-10) vocabulary mappings.
I would like to download the concept and concept relation files from Athena portal.

However, upon visiting the website the license message asks me to accept both the HemOnc and SNOMED license agreements.

Is there a way to obtain access to the SNOMED and ICD-10 OMOP mapping files without a need of HemOnc license?


I am new (student) and want to know how to use Athena. I was searching the same and came across your post. Is it possible for you to tell me a how to use Athena. I have already downloaded the vocabularies but don’t know what to do next.


@Sanjna Hello! You can watch this tutorial about Athena, maybe it will be helpful to you

Thanks for sharing…!!

You’re welcome!

After I download the files, I get a set of excel files. What do I need to do with them – I mean do we need to transform them or they are imported in the Vocabulary model as is.

Also, I found this tutorial:https://summerinstitute.faculty.ucdavis.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/621/2021/03/Session-2-OMOP-CDM-Vocabulary-Tutorial-03122021-1.pdf

Looking for the presentation though!


Hi @Sanjna . I am taking a guess that you are looking for a way to import the vocabulary files into a database. In that case, look here. If that is not it, please explain what you want to do with the OMOP vocabularies.

Hi @MaximMoinat , Thanks for sharing the link. Indeed your guess was correct + I want to know if there is no concept_id for certain conditions @Athena, how can we reference them ( or standardize). This use is more applicable to Covid prescriptions/claims.