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Athena Download Missing Vocabularies


(Jeff Allen) #1

Hello. I’m new to OHDSI/Athena. I selected four vocabularies today from the download page and when I received the extract it only contained one. The ‘history’ of download does, however, indicate I requested four vocabularies. Am I doing something wrong?

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #2

@JAllen, is it possible the vocabularies you requested require a license? If so, there’s a OHDSI Vocab Fairy (kind of like the tooth fairy) who may hold these downloads captive until you’re validated as holding a license.

(Jeff Allen) #3

Hi Kristen! thanks for responding. i do have proper licenses for each vocab. i did discover the error though! I experienced a bizarre truncation of the data during import which lopped off an enormous amount of the extract. thank you for responding. Best,