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Athena CPT4 shell script error

(Ajit Londhe) #1

@gregk: having issues getting the CPT4 shell script working, have you seen this error:

gov.nih.nlm.uts.webservice.UtsFault_Exception: Error getting a ticket granting ticket: null

My UMLS login appears to be working via the website.


(Gregory Klebanov) #2

tagging our support team @Konstantin_Yaroshove, @Dymshyts

(Ajit Londhe) #3

Sorry my bad – I think it was a java issue on my machine. Thanks for being on top of everything though :slight_smile:

(Gregory Klebanov) #4

too late, the ticket has been submitted and now we have to debug something :slight_smile:

anytime, @Ajit_Londhe

(Alexander Sivura) #5

I had an issue with that script as well. I had to install Java 8 on my machine to run that script. It didn’t work against the latest version of Java on MacOS. It seems the script uses libraries which were removed from Java 10, but I’m not sure

(Anna Karenina) #6

I remember having the same issue with latest Java. The workaround from this GH issue helped.
Anyhow, using Java 8 for cpt4.jar is a safe bet.