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Athena 5.4 not compatible?

I do not believe Athena is compatible with the 5.4 common data model, please correct me if I am wrong.

I spent many hours trying to resolve the CONCEPTS_RELATIONSHIPS.csv file and why it was so awkwardly spaced with both tabs and spaces?

I was trying to manually import, because I do not have an API key yet. Please let me know if I should wait for the API Key to run the .jar file.

CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP has not changed since V5.0, @Yang. Both tabs and spaces?

Edit! fixed again. The OHDSI community is amazing.

As a side question, do I need to run the .jar file and get the api key? I would like to set atlas up ASAP so the 3 business days thing is an inconvenience. Concepts and the rest of the vocabulary and tables are being uploaded with no problems.

(i am going to answer this myself: probably yes. Concepts_ancestors is pulling a foreign key constraint because “Key (ancestor_concept_id)=(724965) is not present in table “concept”.” Going on Athena, 724965 is a CPT4 thing which I have not downloaded yet. )

So I am going to assume that I wait for the API Key, propagate concepts.csv with cpt4 data using the .sh script, then this should work smoothly?

Yes, need to run cpt4.jar and then truncate and reload the concept table.