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Assignment of Domains to CDM Tables

(Anas Elghafari) #1

Hi all,

Looking through the OHDSI book, I see this sentence in section 4.2.4: “Each Standard Concept has a unique Domain assignment, which defines which table they are recorded in”.

My question: Where is this domain-to-table mapping to be found? I suppose for Concepts of Domain “Observation” and “Measurement”, they obviously belong in the “Observation” and “Measurement” tables respectively (right?). But what about concepts of domain “Episode”?


(Eduard Korchmar (Terminologist @ Odysseus Vocabulary Team)) #2


Yes, domain of the concept defines in which Standardized Clinical Data Table it ends up. One improtant note: the true domain of a concept is the domain of a concept it is mapped to in concept_relationship_table. That means if non-standard concept belongs to Procedure domain, but it is mapped to a standard concept in a Measurement domain, it will end up in Measurement table (as measurement_source_concept_id).

Episode concepts are currently under discussion for inclusion in OMOP CDM. Solutions are being developed by members of Oncology Workgroup. These concepts do not currently have a dedicated table, but they may in the future.

See more:

(Anas Elghafari) #3

Hi Eduard,

Thank you for the explanation. Just to be sure: in the case of representing non-standard Episode Concepts like “Rx Summ–Chemo” or their standard Episode counterpart (“Treatment Regimen”), would it make sense to store them in “Drug Exposure” or “Procedure Occurrence” based on the semantics of those concepts? Or is it recommended to leave them out of the CDM altogether?

And a follow up: is there a list somewhere for which domains have defined correspondence to CDM tables and which domains don’t?

Thank you,

(Christian Reich) #4


The Episodes for cancers are still under construction. Are you trying to use you? If so, please come to the oncology WG and get all the information you need. @shilparatwani will help you.

(Anas Elghafari) #5

Thank you, Christian. Is there a forum/sub-forum for the Oncology WG where I can ask about these points?