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Arachne status and documentation

Hi all
we’re looking into testing the Arachne framework, yet we’re wondering how to get started for a local test setup.
By scrolling through the sparse documentation and the forum it isn’t clear to me if Arachne is still being maintained and/or developed. What’s the actual status or roadmap for it?

Is there any documentation on how to set things up?
I’ve tried to set the centralAPI up, by the description, as well as via dockerfile in release 1.17 as well as via dockerfile here: Docker Hub

the release version 1.17 docker file gives me next error:
Sending build context to Docker daemon 3.072kB
Step 1/9 : FROM hub .odysseusinc .com/portal_env:1.1.0
Head https://hub .odysseusinc .com/v2/portal_env/manifests/1.1.0: no basic auth credentials

The dockerhub docker goes further, yet gives a java error: “Password cannot be set empty”
I’m assuming I need to pull this docker image and in a Dockerfile give the necessary parameters, yet find no documentation for this…

Any help would be appreciated
Wouter Devriese