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April 6 Community Call - OHDSI Network Studies

(Craig Sachson) #1

Please join us for the next OHDSI Community Call (Tuesday, April 6, 11 am ET) for an update on OHDSI Network Studies. We will have overview presentations from six community collaborators.

• Seng Chan You @SCYou Cancer Risk Between H2 Blockers

• Jenny Lane @jenny_lane MSKAI- Musculoskeletal adverse events following hormonal treatment for breast cancer: Cohort Diagnostics to establish feasibility

• Carmen Olga-Torre @CarmenOT Covid-19 pandEmic impacts on mental health Related conditions Via multi-database nEtwork: a LongitutinaL Observational study (CERVELLO)

• Aki Nishimura @aki-nishimura Alpha-1 blocker for Palliating Inflammatory injury Severity (APIS) study

• Xintong Li @xintongli Calculating the background rates of adverse events of special interest (AESI) for the COVID vaccines

• Martijn Schuemie @schuemie Evaluating Use of Methods for Adverse Event Under Surveillance (EUMAEUS)

Many of you will have the calendar link in your OHDSI Teams environment. If not, you will need the specific meeting link to access the community call; it will also be posted in the main OHDSI Teams environment. As always, if you can’t make it, the recordings will be posted to both our Community Calls page and the General OHDSI Teams recordings folder.