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Applying OMOP and maybe Atlas to neurodegenerative research data

I am trying to consolidate data from several clinics collecting neurodegenerative research data, to support observational studies among other data sharing goals. The data we’re considering includes general medical history and medication, neuropsychology and behavioural assessments, biomarkers, imaging procedures and results, neuropathology from autopsy, genomics.

I am keen to understand whether OMOP CDM (and Atlas) is well suited to this kind of use case, and whether others are using it to work with similar data contexts, including creating a data commons from research clinics (without perhaps the intervention-based focus of RCTs), and working with neuropsychological assessment data.

From a different angle: The researchers here currently see ATLAS as over-complicated for their needs. Has anyone worked on developing a simplified frontend for WebAPI?


Yes, that is a common use case. There are a bunch of initiatives who do the same thing, among them All Of Us and N3C.

What do you need to know? Essentially, you have to organize the conversion of the data from the clinics to the OMOP CDM, QC it and pool it (=append the tables to each other). The conversion can happen at the clinics or at the center. The former often runs into problems of technical resource availability, the latter into problems with lack of context.

Atlas does more than most users need, but that’s like MS Word. 90% of the users use 10% of the functionality. Probably useful to give them a quick training what they really need.


I am wondering if you completed this project. I am working on something similar for ALS and don’t want to duplicate efforts!

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