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Application and tool lifecycles

I have a few questions about how to handle life cycle issues with the tools involved with WebAPI and Atlas. Are there any recommendations regarding updates, version changes, etc for tomcat, java, postgres, git, maven, R, R-studio, Achilles, nodeJS ?

For instance, Tomcat 8 has a EOL scheduled for 31 March 2024, just over a year from now. Are there plans to use Tomcat 9, 10, 11 instead ? Will there be an upgrade path ?

There are so many moving parts in our ecosystem of apps and underlying tech. It is very difficult to manage indeed.

There shouldn’t be anything tomcat-specific that is a dependency on WebAPI…we just need a servlet container to deploy, and there is an internal/embedded tomcat that launches when you run the WAR locally (ie: from an IDE). So, anyone who wants to give it a shot (deploy WebAPI on Tomcat 9+) please feel free and report back issues.