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Anyone here from UNC Univ of North Carolina?

(Shawn Dolley) #1

anyone here from UNC Univ of North Carolina? Is there an OHDSI instance anywhere at UNC?

Shawn Dolley


The Shawn Dolley Company LLC

Consultant to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Washington DC

(Emily) #2

I’m from the UNC CTSA–what’s up? At the moment, we do not have OHDSI.

Emily Pfaff
Administrative Director, Informatics & Data Science
NC TraCS Institute, UNC Chapel Hill

(Shawn Dolley) #3

Hi Emily. I am from the Gates Foundation and we have relationships at UNC. And was just wondering if there was a lab active with people who had stood up OHDSI and were using it for some purpose, who were on campus. Thanks for letting me know that there is no OHDSI instance running there.