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Any plan to upgrade WebAPI, ATLAS to use newer version of JDK and Tomcat

Since JDK 8 and Tomcat 8 have reached end of support, some companies have implemented policies prohibiting the use of EOL (End-of-Life) software. I wonder if there are any plans to upgrade WebAPI and ATLAS to utilize newer versions of JDK and Tomcat?

Yes, this is part of our planned changes to WebAPI for the next major release (assuming 3.x). The thread that is putting together a plan for what those major, potentially breaking, changes are is discussed here:

However, there are several other java8sdk maintainers that keep java8 up and running:

  • Liberica JDK.
  • Azul Zulu.
  • Red Hat OpenJDK.
  • Eclipse Temurin.
  • SapMachine.
  • Amazon Corretto.
  • Microsoft Build of OpenJDK.
  • IBM Semeru Runtimes.