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Am I overlooking a comprehensive list of explanations for all relationships?

relationship.relationship_name is generally sufficient, but for some, clarification would be useful.

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Good question. I had a look around on the old wiki and the best I could find is indeed a list of relationship names (which is likely outdated as well).

Most relationships are from the source vocabularies itself. There is some vocabulary-specific documentation on the Vocabulary-V5.0 repository.

Are there specific relationships for which you would like a clarification?

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Thank you for the prompt response. I had found the resources that you mention, but they didn’t have the definitions that I wanted.

The four relationships that I wanted to confirm this afternoon were:

  1. ‘Drug class of drug’,
  2. ‘Form of’,
  3. ‘Marketed form of’, and
  4. ‘Constitutes’.

I thought it likely that there was a single document that listed and explained all of the relationships relevant to the ‘drug’ domain. If there isn’t, I’ll create my own, for these relationships, by looking at examples of each in the concept_relationship table. It shouldn’t be difficult, but seemed a waste of time if a glossary is available.

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In that case, this wiki page on the drug vocabulary might have what you are looking for.

I have to warn: this page is old and likely contains some outdated information. The wiki is also not in active use anymore. I could not find the same information on e.g. the Github pages.

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Thank you.
This time I read the page more carefully and determined that it contains exactly what I need.

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