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Altas in "Data source" Dashboard didn't work in oracle


Hi I’m Park.

My DBMS is Oracle.

When I try to “Data source”->“Dashboard” function.
It didn’t work.
So I need a that’s query directory.Where can I find it?

Like bellow added image.
Atlas 화면

It is error log.

And I think It is a solution like this image. Where can I find out that's query.
에러 쿼리


-1.When you before build “WebAPI.war” files in maven,chage bellow file.

That is because it need alias in “oracle” syntax.


(Chris Knoll) #3

So, the * requires some sort of alias when you use the select * syntax?

select a.*, 'some value' as val from (
  select a,b,c from other table
) a


Yes, you’re right .
I’ll tell you your example,

It is possible!

But It occurred syntax error.

in Error Quary, it want additional things select after ‘*’ .

So in that case, bellow Quary is right.

select a.*, ‘some value’ as val
from ( select a,b,c from other table) a

(Chris Knoll) #5

Ok, thanks for the details, we’ll look for instances of *, in our sql code, and properly alias it.