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Allegry to drugs, what happens with drugs with more than one active ingredient?

What is the best practice when a patient has an allergy to a medication that has more than one active ingredient?
Should some kind of fact_relationship be created to state that the allergy is really about the combination and not just 2 different allergies?

Create two separate records. Don’t worry about creating the fact_relationship.

Well, creating two separate records means that patient has an allergy to both ingredients.
While the allergy to a compound drug is usually the allerlgy to one of its components.

Maybe you put the compound drug itself in a value_as_concept_id then?

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@Dymshyts your answer is better. My previous response was supposing the person was allergic to both ingredients, but that is unlikely. If you do not know which ingredient is the allergen, then one record indicating an allergy to the medication represents what is known. Create an Observation record with the Observation_concept_id = 439224 (Allergy to drug) and the value_as_concept_id equal to the drug concept id.