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AEGIS (Application for Epidemiological Geographic Information System) tool

(Jae Hyeong Cho) #1

Hi, All.

We have developed a tool for semi-automatic GIS visualization based on OMOP-CDM, which is called AEGIS (Application for Epidemiological Geographic Information System).
AEGIS can visualize cohorts which are extracted from ATLAS (I presented and gave a demonstration of this tool on Eastern hemisphere working group meeting on 28th June).
For global application of GIS system, we used the geomatric information system database called GADM in this tool.

Database of Global Administrative Area (GADM) is spatial database of the location of the world’s administrative areas, which including 294,430 administrative areas in about 250 countries (virtually whole world). Administrative levels are divided into Level 1 - Nations(eg US), Level 2 - States(eg Texas), and Level 3 - Counties(eg Houston) in GADM (So AEGIS can visualize where the subjects in cohort live according to this level).

However, CDM and GADM have different regional classification system. Therefore, we had to create the mapping table as below to link two diffrent databases. If GADM vodabulary is adopted as a standard vocabulary in OMOP CDM, applying AEGIS could be much easier in any OMOP-CDM database in the world.

How about adopting GADM as standard vocabulary for geographical index in CDM?

We plan to present our work on OHDSI Collaborator Community meeting.


Figure 1, 2 - The AEGIS tool was used to compare the distribution of two typed of dialysis (HD : Hemodialysis, PD : Peritoneal dialysis) patients by level 2 and level 3.

Figure 3 - Example of U.S. medical map generated using the AEGIS tool with the cohort data which I just made up.

(Martijn Schuemie) #2

Yes, adding the Global Administrative Areas Database to the vocabulary and using it to standardize the location table in the CDM sounds like an excellent idea! @Christian_Reich, what do you think?

(Andrew Williams) #3

@Jaehyeong_Cho This is great Jae! Would you be willing to be on a GIS Workgroup call to present what you’ve done? In addition to the GADM as a standard vocab for regions we’d love to learn about the other aspects of the tool.

(Christian Reich) #4

@Jaehyeong_Cho, @JaeHyeongCho, @schuemie, @Andrew:

Totally agree. We need it. However, Andrew is running the GIS WG, and I would like to have them come to a proposal, which we then implement. Can we do that? Where are we on that, Andrew?

PS: Jaehyeong: You have two Forum accounts. I’d talk to @MauraBeaton to fix that, otherwise you’ll create confusion.

(Jae Hyeong Cho) #5

@schuemie @Andrew @Christian_Reich We plan to present our work on OHDSI Collaborator Community meeting. Can I discuss some issues at that meeting? (Vocabulary issue, GIS Workgroup issue, etc)

(Jae Hyeong Cho) #6

@schuemie @Andrew @Christian_Reich @SCYou I will present and demonstration about AEGIS (Application for Epidemiological Geographic Information System) on an OHDSI call at August 8th. I’d like discuss some issues at this meeting. (Vocabulary issue, GIS WG issue, etc) How about this plan?

@Andrew If you have a GIS WG meeting before 8th August, I would like to discuss the GIS WG by participating in the meeting. What do you think?

(Jae Hyeong Cho) #7

I’m so delightful to announce that the paper describing AEGIS has been published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.
I aim to improve the performance of AEGIS by optimizing the functions according to the CDM version 6.0 schema and reducing dependent packages. Thanks @hripcsa, @SCYou, @Dongsu_Park, and @rwpark