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Adding Custom Vocab


I would like to request that the following custom vocab be added to OMOP:

shock index (heart rate divided by systolic blood pressure)
EISS Score (Exponential Injury Severity Score)
Denver Score (Denver ED TOF Score)
Time to Recovery (full recovery of organ dysfunction reflected in either the Marshall or Denver MOD scores by day 5 which is assigned TTR<5)

You can readily create custom vocabularies in your local OMOP CDM instance. Perhaps your request has more to do with submitting these vocabularies to standards bodies for adoption.


For the shock index, use Shock index Calculated

Time to recovery seems like a complex concept meaning a lot in your case, but not much as general concept. It is better to map it to some general concept or create a local one in your database.

May be added as OMOP Extension concepts, will take a closer look.

UPD: Please, create a github issue here: Issues · OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0 · GitHub