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Adding concepts into sets by their concept ID

Folks, I’ve been provided a list of concept id’s, and asked to incorporate them into a concept set.
I’ve tired to do this on Atlas,

I do, Atlas -> vocabulary -> import -> concept identifiers, and then copy pasting the concept id’s that I have. However, searching for these don’t provide any results.

Is there anything i’m doing wrong? how should I go about doing this?

Stupid question - did you click 'Import Concept Identifiers’ after inserting concept id’s?

All questions are welcome :smile:
I did - it processes, and navigates me to the ‘Concept Set Expression’ tab with no data in it.

Maybe i’m using a concept id that doesn’t exist in the demo OHDSI platform? Since I cant ‘search’ by id, I don’t know if the concepts are present or not…

In your environment, you can go to the vocabulary search function, and type in one of the concept IDs. It will match ont he concept ID in the search. Maybe your vocabulary tables are empty?

Hi Chris, thank you - so basically I found out that the concept id’s i’m searching for may not exist in my system, which is why they were not turning up :confused:
Currently investigating what’s broken…