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Adding APR-DRGs to the vocabulary

Hi all,

Would it be possible to include the APR-DRG vocabulary in the standard vocabulary?

It is supported by 3M and is available here:

In our source we have versions 27-35, so we would need both the ICD9 and ICD10 versions.

(Moving conversation from (Most appropriate OMOP table to house DRG information))

as I can see here
people need to pay for this.
How can we put it in the public OHDSI?

@Gowtham_Rao, any ideas?

I inquired to see if there is a way we can get a non-profit license to avoid having to pay to include it in the vocabulary and I will follow up with any information I get back from 3m.

However, we may need to take the “license required” approach for folks being able to download it as we do with some other vocabularies. Thoughts?

Also looping in @Christian_Reich as I bugged him about this during the symposium :smile:


We need to talk to them. Does anybody have a contact?

As Christian said looks like we need someone to chat with here.

@clairblacketer or @Dymshyts is there an action item list for the Vocabulary that we can add this to?

@Christian_Reich @ericaVoss @Dymshyts

I emailed their general support while at the symposium and someone reached out to me. Will forward their contact information asap.

Hi @burrowse !
Is there any follow up on this topic about APR-DRG?

Hi there, @Mateus ! Would be CMS provided DRG be of any help to you?

We haven’t updated it for a while (it creates a small problem for us as it reuses codes) and it still contains codes with old meanings.

Let us know if that already solves your problem. If you hold a license for AP-DRG you might want to approach 3M yourself and ask them if they want to consider making this a license restricted OHDSI vocabulary. My assumption though is that they had no interest.

Cheers ~ Mik

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Hi @mik !

We need the APR-DRG as our data is coded in this system. I was also figuring out if there was a mapping between theses two vocabularies but I’m afraid it doens’t exist.

Thank you!


Has there been progress on this? We’d also like to use APR-DRG within our OMOP instance. We license APR-DRG for internal use, so we could build this as a custom vocabulary if needed, but would much prefer to reference a standard OMOP vocabulary.


We want to resume cleaning up DRGs and ARPs. But we are stuck with how to do that right. What is your use case? How do you analyze data with those? Do you use them for defining cohorts or phenotypes, or do you use them for health economic analytics?