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Adding a new data set to an existing ATLAS implementation

My institution has an existing instance of ATLAS running on a single OMOP dataset. I’d like to add another OMOP dataset, and I’m wondering what the best approach is. How can I modify an existing schema to point towards another data set, then add this to ATLAS?

You will need to track down the webapi database that ATLAS is connected to (this will be a postgres database for any ATLAS build from the past couple of years), and then add new entries to the SOURCE and SOURCE_DAIMON tables as per CDM Configuration · OHDSI/WebAPI Wiki · GitHub.

Each SOURCE row contains the connection details of a different OMOP dataset, and there’s no requirement that all these datasets be on the same server/database system, so you can link in as many datasets as you like to the one ATLAS instance.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Permissions would then be assigned by an administrator through the security settings within ATLAS, right?

That’s right - if you have security enabled, then when you add in a new dataset, by default no one will have access. An admin has to manually grant access to the appropriate users before anyone can work with it in ATLAS.

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Perfect, I appreciate your help!