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ACHILLES sql_only missing tables?

Hi OHDSI community,

We are running ACHILLES to support ATLAS and used the sqlOnly = TRUE argument to be able to run the SQL ourselves but we noticed that does not include the achilles_analysis table; whereas, when we run it directly against the database within R that table is populated. Curious if there is another argument or function we need to run to be able to retrieve the SQL for the achilles_analysis table? This seems to be the case regardless of v5.3 or v5.4, and we also tried defaultAnalysesOnly = FALSE, same outcome. Only getting sql to generate 3 result tables (achilles_result_concept_count, achilles_results, achilles_results_dist).

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

ACHILLES version 1.7.2

achilles(cdmDatabaseSchema = "our_cdm", 
         resultsDatabaseSchema = "our_results",
         outputFolder = "output", vocabDatabaseSchema = "our_vocab", sqlDialect = "postgresql", cdmVersion = 5.4, sqlOnly = TRUE)