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Achilles results help

(fatemah Alnofal) #1


I am currently running Achilles against a postgresql database and once executing the Achilles query it stops at
“Analysis 424 (Number of co-occurring condition_occurrence condition_concept_id pairs) – START”
and no Achilles results table is generated.
I have given it more than 4 hours to execute the quarries with the same output below.

this is my first attempt to use Achilles and not sure what i am doing is correct or not.

I have included a screen shot below

thank you !

(Chris Knoll) #2

This is the query that produces the 424 analysis results:

You can execute it into a PG session (after replacing the tokens with the correct values, like CDM database schema…In the cases where you see a tokenized table name for a SELECT … INTO statement, just make up a table name, and delete it after you are done.

What you can do in your PG session is check to see if any indexes are missing, perhaps there’s something related to your tables which makes this query underperform (like many NULL values).

Tagging @AnthonyMolinaro for his guidance.

(fatemah Alnofal) #3

Thank you Chris for your valuable response :slight_smile:
I really appreciate it.

I am attempting to run the scrip however, what should be replaced instead of the following values :

1- @scratchDatabaseSchema@schemaDelim@tempAchillesPrefix_424
2- #unique_pairs_424;