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Achilles report is not representing some HCPCS codes

(kumar) #1

When oberserving the data, Achilles is not representing some HCPCS codes(for Example: C9257 , J9035 which are Bevacizumab) in the reports correctly. Is this a know issue? Or this is fixed? Any suggestions on what can be done about this? Or any other mappings we need to look for? Thanks for your help.

(Taha Abdul-Basser) #2

Can you elaborate on what you expect to see? Do you have a screenshot that shows what you are seeing in your installation?

(kumar) #3

The drugs that are mapped to vocabulary 82 (RxNorm Extension) concept ids are not showing up in our Achilles drug exposure Report. Is this by design, or a mistake in Achilles. We are using version 4 of OMOP.

(Anna Ostropolets) #4

Ha! I guess it also relates to the discussion we had about drug eras without RxNorm Extension. It’s not by design for sure and should be added to Achilles. Although I do not think that anybody is expected to be using v4 now. Is it a deliberate decision not to move to v5?

(Taha Abdul-Basser) #5

Thanks for making that connection @aostropolets.

@Kumar It is not by design. @Ajit_Londhe and I were discussing a possibly related issue earlier today in the Achilles code base. Please open a issue/feature request at the Achilles GitHub repository so that we can add it to an upcoming release.

(kumar) #6

I will Do that. Thanks for your insights on this.

(kumar) #7

Thanks again for your help with this, one other question is what is the expected timeline of adding to next release?