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Achilles "loading. .."

Hi there,

I’m getting a permanent “loading…” when I try to open up the Achilles web application.

  • The OMOP CDM v5.4 is in Postgres.

I followed the exact steps from here, including creating a subfolder “SAMPLE” under the data folder. The datasources.json is the exact same as the example in the link. All of the jsons seem to be populated as best as I can see in the SAMPLE subdirectory.

When I open the dev console in Chrome, this is what I see:

I tried opening the datasources.json in another program, and I was able to read it.

I took a screen grab of my datasources.json file too.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I believe your problem is related to the "Cross origin requests… " message. Somehow, your configuration must ensure that the related calls must be within the same domain. Something similar happened to me with Atlas where I had to set up Atlas and its configuration database within the same server and for instance within the same domain.

Hi Jose,

Thanks, this was very helpful.


As the Achilles Website is no longer actively maintained I would recommend taking a look at ARES for future use cases.


Hi Frank,

Is there a particular source of documentation I should refer to for Ares as an OMOP novice?




I’ve published the start of the ARES documentation that now includes a section on Installation. You can find the documentation here:

Please let me know if you run into any issues.