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Achilles function error when createTable is set to False

(Ambuj) #1


I have a huge data set to run Achilles analyses on. As per Achilles Vignette, createTable can be set to FALSE if new results needs to be append to existing results.
However, I tried setting up createTable = FALSE and while executing the function in R, I receive an error which says:
cdmDatabaseSchema = “omop_cdm”,
resultsDatabaseSchema =“results”,
vocabDatabaseSchema = “omop_cdm”,
numThreads = 1,
sourceName = “CDM”,
analysisIds = 1,
cdmVersion = “5.3.0”,
runHeel = T,
runCostAnalysis = T,
dropScratchTables = T,
createTable = FALSE,
sqlOnly = F,
outputFolder = “output”,
verboseMode = TRUE,
createIndices = T)

ERROR: Error in SqlRender::render(sql = “delete from @resultsDatabaseSchema.achilles_results where analysis_id in (@analysisIds);”, :

But, when I try to run using createTable=T, it works without any issues.

Can someone please let me know how to fix this? Is it something which can be done locally or is it a bug which will be fixed in future.

DB : PostgreSQL
@Chris_Knoll @anthonysena if you can help me out here.