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ACHILLES "Error loading report"


(Katy Sadowski) #1

Hi there,

I am running into an issue with ACHILLES in ATLAS and could use some help diagnosing the root cause. The Condition Occurrence, Drug Exposure, and Procedure reports do not show up; instead I get an error message “Error loading report”. I’ve done some digging on the forums and don’t see an obvious solution right now.

Some info about my instance:

My theory right now is that this has to do with the fact that our condition_occurrence, procedure_occurrence, and drug_exposure tables contain events dated outside patients’ observation periods. Our measurement and visit_occurrence tables do not contain data outside the OP, and those 2 reports work fine in ATLAS. Based on other forum posts, it does not seem like this should prevent the reports from running, but maybe I’m wrong.

Finally - the RC/DRC counts in ATLAS are not populating for us. It seems that this feature is linked to ACHILLES so I wanted to cite that as a potentially related issue.

Thanks in advance for any help!


(Katy Sadowski) #2

I just wanted to bump this thread in case it got lost in the shuffle. Would really appreciate any insight if any folks have experienced a similar issue; thanks!

(Ssaranathan) #3

Hi @katy-sadowski,
I am running into the same issue.

Also, I don’t see concept_hierarchy table in my schema. How is this generated ?

I am running WebAPI v2.8 and CDM is 5.3. If you find any fixes, please post here.


(Chris Knoll) #4

This is the sourcecode for that table:

The documentation describes how to set up a CDM results schema for Webapi:

(Katy Sadowski) #5

@Chris_Knoll could you please confirm whether or not ACHILLES requires all events to be within the observation period in order for a report to load? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Knoll) #6

I don’t think so: this is the query for the persons with condition by condition_concept_id:

There’s no reference to observation period here, just a call to the condition-era table.

The “Error Loading Report” could be related to a few different things…but I don’t think it’s from a UI error (like a javascript problem). Do you know how to bring up the dev console in your browser? There may be a hint there as to the actual error, and you can also take a look in your WebAPI logs to see if there’s a query that failed.

The exporting JSON files is not related to Atlas: Atlas (WebAPI) reads the results tables directly for the reports in Atlas, while the JSON exported files is used in a different application (AchillesWeb) where no database server is required. In AchillesWeb, the process is to run the achilles analysis (which populates the database tables) and then you export JSON files which are consumed in AchillesWeb. If you’re only talking about Atlas, then ignore all the exported JSON.

(Ssaranathan) #7

Thanks @Chris_Knoll. I missed this step. I will run it now. Is it okay to run this script after the Syn 1K data is loaded? I am asking because, the script has been running for past couple of hours.


(Katy Sadowski) #8

That’s good to know; thanks. I will try inspecting the dev console and the WebAPI logs to see if the issue is apparent there. I’ll report back :slight_smile:

(Chris Knoll) #9

Yes, it’s normal to load the data first, then create the results schema after.