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Achilles and CohortDiagonstics - Does it require a specific Java or R version?

Current version of Java looks like 16.0.1+ and R looks like 4.0.5+.

I have used different versions of Java and R, most of them have quite some issues with the SQL stuck somewhere and the whole analysis freezes. There is no error message or anything I can rely to.

Just curious - Is there anywhere that it specifies that I have to use a certain version of R and Java? That I could have missed? Because it does not seem so.


Java 8 is recommended for most OHDSI tools. I think later versions should work with Achilles, but I know they won’t work with Atlas.

For R, any version greater than 3.3 works.

What issues specifically did you face? Can you post them with error messages and log files to the Git repo?