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Accessing WebAPI URL over SSL

Hi all!
I’m trying to make an encrypted connection to http://api.ohdsi.org:8080, however have been unavailable to find a URL that works. Making unencrypted connections is a non-starter for my project.

Additional details:
I’ve checked that you can’t just change http to https and a few other common ports that would most likely be used for HTTPS, 443, 8443, 8081. None of these worked.
thanks in advance for your help!

https must be set through Tomcat, first. You will also need to set secured connections at the WebAPI configuration files (and recompile). Unfortunately, I suggest to initially use Atlas and WebApi through your http port and after you understand how it works move to https. Your link


looks estrange for me. I used WebApi from within my Atlas server:


Tomcat runs:


Suggested Link:

Sorry, I didn’t post the full URL. I was given http://api.ohdsi.org:8080/WebAPI by our developer.
Since unencrypted connections are not allowed out of the environment, it will be a challenge to test without going straight to HTTPS.

@Neil_Norman please be aware that the WebAPI URL you are trying to connect to is intended to be used only by the http://atlas-demo.ohdsi.org OHDSI Atlas demonstration website. If you have an internal organization need to connect to an Atlas WebAPI I suggest you investigate installing Atlas internally.

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@admin Hi Lee, I thought there was a public Atlas instance that has cohorts from phenotype library that can be used. Or is that something for the future? Thanks.

@cukarthik I’m working with @Gowtham_Rao on this.

It’s a good question.

I’m going to change the atlas-demo.ohdsi.org Atlas website to use a new WebAPI domain (api-demo.ohdsi.org) to avoid confusion.

I then plan to associate the current api.ohdsi.org domain with the production Atlas website atlas.ohdsi.org which will host the official OHDSI phenotype library cohort definitions/cohorts. It will be secured and updated to use https.

That’s good to hear, Lee @admin. Do you know when that might be? Our security group won’t allow us to hit a non SSL API right now…Thanks.

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@cukarthik - @Gowtham_Rao and I are setting up a new OHDSI cloud Atlas instance for the official OHDSI phenotype cohort definitions. The WebAPI for this new Atlas instance will only be available over https, which will resolve the issue initially raised in this post. We plan to make it available before the end of September.


@Neil_Norman @cukarthik

The atlas-demo.ohdsi.org WebAPI is now also available over SSL at:

e.g. you can test with https://api.ohdsi.org/WebAPI/info

Thanks! We’ll test and let you know.