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Accessing OHDSI network hospitals for Machine learning grant

(Natalie Bareis, MS, LMSW, PhD) #1

I am using the iNYP New York Presbyterian OHDSI network hospital data to run a machine learning analysis identifying precision treatments for individuals with schizophrenia. I need to validate what I am finding in NY with a larger more diverse sample, and was hoping someone from another network hospital in the US would be interested to collaborating? I am hoping to work with three other OHDSI network hospitals since we all share a common language, search engine, etc.
I am located at the Psychiatric Institute at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center and am writing a grant to support this research.
Thanks so much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #2

Hi @nbareis!

I have a research interest in getting more psychiatry studies through the OHDSI network… so let me just say how much I appreciate seeing you reach out to the community for this initiative! :slight_smile:

You know, this is actually the beauty of the OMOP CDM. We clean up the language for you. If you’re not restricted to US sites, @mvanzandt is ring-fencing a global psychiatry effort. She may have a few suggestions.

Overall, what kind of timeline are you working around? Happy to help you find some support throughout the OHDSI network.

Tagging a few friends to see this chain and see if they have interest/bandwidth: @benomark @Andrew @pbiondich @nigam @abel @mgurley

(Natalie Bareis, MS, LMSW, PhD) #3

Yup, I am using the iNYP Explore ATLAS open source application. I know it includes not only OMOP but other sources as well. I think at this point I would need to restrict my study to US sites. This would be for an NIMH grant with a submission date in October, so it would be much more feasible to only include 2 or 3 other hospital networks. I will be conducting the data analysis myself, and already have a dataset of individuals in the iNYP system.

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #4

An Atlas with non-OMOP data? That’s a new one for me. Sounds intriguing. :slight_smile:

This is like any other network study. You’ll write the study protocol, build a study package to disseminate and test it on your data before sending to the 2-3 sites you identify in the OHDSI network. Are you planning to use @jreps and @Rijnbeek PatientLevelPrediction framework? It’s a good resource. Peter’s team at Erasmus is also a great resource for ML innovations in the OHDSI community.

Aside from 2-3 centers raising their hands to help, what do you need for your grant?