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Access rights features in Atlas

Hello everyone,

We have started off with OMOP and converted our data to CDM format and are able to view the data in Atlas. Currently everyone in our team who has access to the server can use/access Atlas…I understand that we can restrict the access by having an account authentication (Login page) but is it possible to restrict the menus that user can access based on their profile. For example, Manager should be able to access all menus and a subordinate should only be able to access two tabs like cohort, concepts for instance… This is just a dummy example but I hope this gives an idea as to what I am looking for?

Is this feature already available in Atlas or it is something which we have to develop?

Any help is really appreciated


Hi Selva,

Atlas has some options for defining roles and permissions as described in this wiki entry:

Hoping this helps to answer your questions.


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How can I give access to vocabulary? There is no setting in managed roles.

Hello @anthonysena - Thanks for the response. I will explore this. In addition, I would also like to confirm my understanding that Atlas is only a UI tool. Users (including admin) can’t download/export any data from Atlas. Is my understanding right? I did have a look at the Atlas and was able to see that “Export” option only export whatever is displayed in screen (like the cohort names/info, concepts name/info). To access or export data, we have to go to db only. Am I right? I am asking this question from data security/protection perspective. We don’t want the users to be able to download the patient data


What type of security feature have you implemented for your OMOP model, AD/LDAP/Basic Security.

Please let me know as I am also planning to implement such. Also, if you can share settings.xml and any other supported file which can be referred for implementation.

Thank you.

Hello @ambuj - We haven’t done anything yet other than mapping data to cdm format. We just started discussion around data privacy/security and governance etc. Hence wanted to check with people on what they did. However, I will definitely share more info as and when I get to know something

May be this will help:

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Thank you for the link Ambuj… In addition, am I right to understand that we can’t export data about patients from Atlas… The csv option in atlas only provides info about cohort and concepts but not the patients and their information. Am I right? If we would like to download data, only option is to go to DB. am I right?

Absolutely. There is no way one can export patient details but can view them using Profiles section in Atlas.