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Access ATLAS from two different subnets

We have the use case that ATLAS has to be accessed from two different subnets. However, WebAPI configuration in ATLAS seems to need an absolute URL to be accessed, which means that even if the WebAPI machine (and port) are accessible from both subnets, ATLAS must point to an specific one. ATLAS and WebAPI reside in the same machine, so relative URL could be a solution (however we must point to other port, which is not really a valid URI, e.g. “:8080/WebAPI”)

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a way to configure ATLAS to deal with this use case?

The way I did is I placed Atlas and WebAPI in the same Tomcat 8.5 server as Tomcat applications and the WebAPI DB in the same machine. For the WebAPI db I used a postgres docker container and a docker network all inside the same server. I also used a docker container for the Tomcat server. If Atlas is to be called from other network then that should only depend on your intranet. But if you use a Tomcat server and postgres db for the WebAPI database then the use of “localhost” should be enough in the configuration files to refer to the db and webapi.

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Somehow “localhost” gave problems to some users that got errors if they try to access Atlas from outside the machine, had to put the machine IP to make it to work (and thus the two subnets problem…)