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(Maura Beaton) #1

Welcome to the OHDSI in China category

(Peiyaoli) #2

Hi, Maura,
I think I am the first one in this section to reply:)
Let me introduce my self first. I am a data scientist from a top Chinese hospital. We are working on clinical observational data warehouse construction. Main body was done but need frontend. And our collaborators recommended OHDSI. After consideration, we want to convert our current data model to CDM and try some of your analysis app demos. Now we come up with language issues. Your UI are designed in English. If you have Chinese version, than this would be promoted very well in China I think. I am wondering if there anyone could translate your work into Chinese? If none, then my team are willing to take this job and make contributions
Let me know your thoughts

(Hua Xu) #3


We actually have a working group for OHDSI in China. You can find the information here: http://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:workgroups:china-wg. We have a monthly meeting to discuss OHDSI activities (e.g., CDM for Chinese data) in China and just had our first annual meeting in Hangzhou in August. You are welcome to join us and contribute to promotion of OHDSI in China. Feel free to contact me for more information if you want. Thanks.


(Peiyaoli) #4

Hi, Hua,

Could you give me your contacts? Like email or WeChat? Maybe we could discuss offline.


(Hua Xu) #5

Sure. My email: hua.xu@uth.tmc.edu

(Yong LIN) #6

Hi, Peiyao

I am also a member of OHDSI China workgroup, and we are doing some work on OHDSI OMOP CDM. And also doing some clinic research work using CDM. Looking forward to hear from you and here’s my contact: yong.lin@datarx.cn


(wangxiaojun) #7

Hi all, I am a medical expert and I look forward to joining your organization

(Wanghaisheng) #8

you can leave your wechat we can add you into discussion group

(qiongwang) #9

Hi, I am in China. I am enjoying the journey now, OHDSI is really great!

(Lin Zhang) #10

my wechat is 1395664120

(Yichao0803) #11



How to standardize the Chinese electronic medical record data using the OMOP model, since the model and tools are written in English, any good suggestions, thanks!

(Qitong Hu) #13

Hi all, this is Qitong, I’m a newcomer here.
I graduated from Johns Hopkins Computer Science and major in AI/NLP.
Currently serve as CTO in Beijing Longleding (Yao Ling) Medical Tech. llc., we are focus on RWS/PMS. Looking forward to making contribution to this community.
My wechat is huqitong0711