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About registering new vocabulary

Hello everyone,
I am researching OHDSI in Japan. I am very happy that I can ask questions here.
The vocabulary currently used in Japan is not registered with OHDSI.
Our group is considering whether we can register the Japanese vocabulary with OHDSI, but we have some questions. We would appreciate it if you could teach us.
The vocabulary we are thinking of registering with OHDSI is not mapped to the standard Vocabulary.
We are planning to do the mapping from now on. On the other hand, we do not yet fully understand the mapping to the standard Vocabulary. There is a possibility that the mapping is incorrect.
How do you ensure the quality of the mapping? Does the Vocabulary Group provide any support for the mapping?

Hi @somacells and welcome!

Do you think you can jump on a short meeting with us to discuss the process?
Please feel free to reach us out by email: Anna (ostropolets@ohdsi.org) and Alexander (davydov@ohdsi.org)